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America's Pumpkin Growers are Uniting in the fight Against Breast Cancer!

Wild Child Arugula Seeds

Narragansett F1 Butternut squash

Casperita F1 Mini White Pumpkin Seeds

Sweet Petite F1 Mini Bell Pepper Seeds

For Organic Growers...

Most DP Seeds hybrid varieties have
No Organic Equivalent and are available as Untreated seeds for many organic programs.

Super-Sized Melon!

El Gordo Supersized Melon Seeds

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You can buy many of our hybrid vegetable seed varieties on
Small Farms, Farmer's Market Growers and CSA's can take advantage of their small to mid-size seed quantities. Direct product links to NE SEED are available on their respective product pages thoughout our site.

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Call NESeed at (800) 825-5477 for larger seed quantities.

We are a hybrid vegetable seed company dedicated
to providing commercial seeds of the highest quality
to vegetable growers worldwide.

Porcelain Doll F1 Pink Pumpkin Seeds
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Pumba F1 Short Day Yellow Grano Onion Seeds
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